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Would you like to have a predictable and stable source of cash flow in your business that you can COUNT on?



But here’s the thing – 

I had no consistency in my business.

One month I’d be flush with clients…

… and then the next month, it was time to scramble and find new ones! 

To say that it was stressful would be an understatement. 

What’s more, I was in the same boat as a lot of entrepreneurs, who kind of “know” they should be emailing their list – since that’s the key to more predictable cash flow in my businesses. 

I knew…but I didn’t. 

I was too scared to email them!

My mind would come up with all kinds of reasons NOT to send out emails regularly: – “Will they think I’m emailing them too much and be annoyed with me?”

empty wallet“What if people start unsubscribing?”

“Will it be worth the effort?”

Because it feels like a LOT of effort!

As a result, nothing in my business changed. I stayed small. I continued to struggle to consistently bring in clients.

I was leaving a LOT of money on the table. 

I KNEW if I could get past these fears and start emailing my list on a REGULAR basis – what we call NURTURING – I could turn things around and my email list could become a powerful revenue source!

One day I looked at myself in the mirror and decided I’d had enough. I committed to regular, consistent nurture emails.

I was scared

It felt like stepping off a trapeze platform but I did it.

I wish I could say things turned around instantly… 

But they didn’t – because I made every mistake in the book! 

I sent out emails that didn’t hit the needs of my audience. And they didn’t get opened much because I didn’t know what I now know about how to craft a really great subject line that makes people want to open those emails.

I sent out “offer” emails to try and get new clients but nobody bought because I hadn’t built up enough trust or loyalty. 

Sometimes I did great and sent out emails consistently for two or three weeks…and then I’d fall off the wagon…letting weeks, sometimes even months, go by before sending out another email. 

It was tough going, but I persevered. 

I slowly but surely started to figure out how to “nurture” my email list. I figured out all the frameworks and formulas to get my audience to like and know and trust me. 

Soon, I was getting more sales … more revenue.

And before I knew it, my business had literally TRIPLED – and it kept growing!

Because of it, I’ve been able to live my dream lifestyle…

By leveraging the power of email, I’ve been able to create an amazing life – traveling all over the world for months at a time, taking weeks off to hang with my mom in Texas and my son in New York City.

LCP in Russia

I can’t wait to get back to that as soon as possible after this pandemic! 

And it’s all thanks to NURTURE emails.

These are emails with great content that you send out on a regular basis to your list to “nurture” your relationship with them. 

It’s how you get your audience to feel close to you, to TRUST that you’re the real deal and can help them, and ultimately, to BUY FROM YOU.

But the key is, that you have to email CONSISTENTLY. 

That’s a big part of how you build TRUST. 

Because when you email your list on a regular basis, people start to realize that they can count on you. You’re someone that’s trustworthy and committed to helping them. 

And, in the process, they start to learn more about you… and they begin to bond with you.

Finally, when it comes time to buy, they’re ready! Why?

Because you took the time to build a relationship. You spent time ENGAGING them and giving them value. 

It’s no different than watching a television show…

turn off the tv

How horrible would it be if ABC, NBC, FOX, or any other network released episodes in a series whenever they felt like it? 

Imagine … 

Episode 1 comes out…

Then 12 days later, you get episode 2… 

Then four months later you get episode 3… and so on.

Would you even want to watch that show?

Chances are, the answer is a big, fat NO!


Because you feel like you can’t “count” on it. It’s too sporadic and irregular.

That’s why emailing your list great content—CONSISTENTLY—is so key.

But as you know, that’s the hardest part!

The fact is, practically EVERYONE *knows* they should email their list.

blank screenBut after coaching hundreds of solo-business owners, I’ve discovered that most – don’t – do – it! 

(Or if they do, it’s sporadic and done in a way that doesn’t get readers to know you, bond with you or trust you!)

And that’s why I want to help you. 

Because if you’re like most of the business owners I meet …

… writing emails all the time feels hard, time-consuming and frustrating.

Staring at a blank screen is NOT fun!

It’s why most people don’t email their list regularly (even though they know they *should*).

But what if I could take this important part of your marketing OFF your shoulders…

… and DO it for you?

And instead of you having to learn the skills the same way that I did, what if we could hit the ground running, with great and effective emails right out of the gate?

Introducing Ready2Go List Love

Ready2Go List Love is my DONE-FOR-YOU nurture email service that makes loving up your list super easy! 

As a client, my team of professional writers will use my proven frameworks and formulas to create YOUR nurture emails.

And all you have to do is load up the emails we send you into your email service provider. Easy. Peasy. (You can even outsource that part if you want to.)

Then, you can relax. Focus on your growing list of clients and students. Focus on building a thriving business you can be proud of.

Ready2Go List Love

Why Ready2Go List Love works SO well


I’m a big believer that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel – it’s just wasted time and effort.

Go with something that’s proven. That’s already known to work. No need to try and “reinvent” it.

The “secret sauce” to nurture emails that work is to give plenty of VALUE. You’ve got to send articles that educate your audience and make their lives BETTER.

So here’s what I’ve done…

I’ve had my team of professional writers create a MASSIVE library of high-value articles that serve a huge variety of professionals, trainers, coaches and consultants, and small business owners.

Whatever niche you’re in, there’s an extremely good chance I’ve got TONS of high-quality, high-value Ready2Go Articles that your audience will absolutely LOVE.

I know because my clients frequently receive “thank you’s” when they send out nurture emails with these articles.

“Being a busy entrepreneur, I have little time for article writing but really love sharing valuable tips and articles with my ezine community. Linda Claire and her team magically fill that need with their professional, value-packed articles, which save me so much time each week. I’m so grateful for your amazing work in the world Linda!”

Nachhi RandhawaNachhi Randhawa, Life Coach, CA

“Current clients come to sessions telling me how they are using my latest Top 10 list or article. Former clients have also returned after receiving copies, with a renewed interest in personal growth.”

Bob TorgersonBob Torgerson, Counsellor/Therapist, CO

Serve your audience in the deepest possible way.

After we zero in on exactly who your ideal clients are, I draw on my expertise to select the very best articles for YOUR audience from our library to ensure that they love every single one and are served in the deepest possible way.

These articles become the “meat” of your nurture emails, but there are other important components of great nurture emails. And we ALSO create these for you in our Ready2Go List Love service.

One is a personal “note from you.”

We want to put a big spotlight on what makes YOU unique (even in the most “saturated” markets). And people want personal connection. 

So we write this note to reflect your personality, your approach to your work PLUS the needs and wants of the specific group of people you serve.

Get your emails opened, read and LOVED!

reading email

Next, we create compelling subject lines for each of the nurture emails using the top best practices.

This way, more of your people open and read your nurture emails.

And finally, we craft a custom call-to-action and a short, impactful bio that we’ll use in your emails, so when someone wants to learn more or work with you, they can reach out to you.  

If you’ve ever struggled to promote yourself or toot your own horn, you’ll know that it’s incredibly valuable to have your CTA and bio professionally written! 

So in these ways, each of your emails is custom-tailored to your audience—but without having to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the VALUE and EDUCATION you’ll be giving them via our articles.

Your audience will get a LOT out of every email.

They’ll feel more and more connected to you. They’ll perceive that you understand them. They’ll increasingly TRUST your expertise and authority, and they’ll increasingly take you up on your offers!

I’ve spent months training my writing team on how to do this to my high standards. And because of that, I can now help WAY more business owners than I could when I was doing it just 1-on-1. 

Now, before I tell you how you can get in on Ready2Go List Love… 

Let’s first look at the obvious elephant in the room.

Right about now, you might be thinking…

“OK Linda, sounds good, but couldn’t I just hire a ghostwriter to write these emails for me?”

piggy bankAnd you could. I’ve done it myself. And here’s what I can tell you:

Hiring a freelancer or ghostwriter is SUPER expensive.

We’re talking around $300 PLUS for the caliber of writer that can write with authority about the things your audience cares about, the things that position you AS that authority.

That’s PER EMAIL! 

And when you’re talking 6 months of nurture emails, that gets expensive – REAL fast!

Six months of biweekly emails could run you close to $4,000. I’ve paid that much and more… Ouch!

But even then – that doesn’t guarantee that they know everything I’ve learned over the course of more than TWO decades doing this.

I’ve got it down to a science. I KNOW what email frameworks work best. I know WHAT to send to an audience that makes them look forward to your emails, read them top to bottom when they come—and TAKE ACTION.

“Every article in the nurture emails is of excellent quality, straight to the point and helps me get across just what is needed without having to do all the research…or spend time writing it. The time it saves me is worth every penny invested.

The major delight, though, is in the Return on Investment. Just one article gave me more than 20 individuals to talk with, and 3 of them turned into coaching clients.”

Richard EleyRichard Eley, Executive Coach, Small Business Coach

“Before I signed up for Linda’s Ready2Go List Love service, I would sit in front of my computer agonizing over what I was going to write to my list.

It became more and more of an unpleasant chore that I began to avoid…even though I really wanted to stay connected with my community. And NOT doing my nurture emails really became a burden that weighed on my mind!

Now it’s SO easy! I just go to the batch of nurture emails that Linda did for me, pick one and load it up into my email service.

And my people LOVE the articles Linda selected for me. My opens, clicks and engagement with each email has definitely improved. And I love the feedback I get, such as “Great article!” and “I really needed to read this now.” Or just a simple “Thank you.” 

Best yet, over the year that I’ve been using Linda’s service, I’ve had many former clients click on my call-to-action and re-connect with me to do more work—because they were receiving regular emails from me.”

Jackie FoskettJackie Foskett, Hypnotherapist

Fortunately, I’m on a real mission to help solo-business owners with this one important aspect of their business.

I love that when I support you with our nurture email service, then you can spend more of your time supporting your clients and students.

And people need you—now more than ever. 

Is Ready2Go List Love right for you?

If you have an email list – no matter how big – then the answer is YES! 🙂

And honestly – even if you don’t have an email list right now the answer is STILL a resounding YES! (You’ll see why in a minute.)

Yes!Because an email list is the best and biggest asset you can have as a solo business owner.

It doesn’t matter what changes Facebook or Google or any other platform makes.

When you have an email list, you’ve got an AUDIENCE that you can build a deep relationship with.

And when you have that…

You’re able to create “revenue at will.”

All you have to do is send an email, and within minutes you could have new clients, new customers, and all-important cash flow that your business NEEDS.


You’ve got to NURTURE your list for it to be that profitable asset.

And when you do nurture your list, the sky’s the limit.

So, if you’re someone who wants to have more stable and consistent cash flow in their business…

If you’re someone who wants to GROW their business in the fastest way possible …

And if you’re someone that wants to do it the RIGHT way…

Then 100% YES … Ready2Go List Love is right for you!

So what can you do?

As I said, if you hired your own nurture email writer, you’d spend around $4,000 for 6 months of bi-weekly nurture emails.

But you can get 6 months of bi-weekly nurture emails done for you with Ready2Go List Love…

…for only $997!

Or you can pay $197/month over 6 months.

(Psst: if you want us to do an entire year of nurture emails for you, there’s a special 50% off offer for the second 6 months, on the other side of your purchase.)

You Are Also Entitled To My 
“Nurture Emails Your Audience Will LOVE”

satisfaction guaranteeYou have my word:

if I cannot find in my article library the perfect articles for YOUR audience and your area of expertise, I will refund you 100% of your investment.

To get started, just click the button below. It’ll take you to a safe and secure order page where you can begin.


  • One payment
  • 6 months of bi-weekly nurture emails


  • Per month for 6 months
  • 6 months of bi-weekly nurture emails

And if you’re not sure just yet, maybe this will help you decide…

Where will YOU be six months from now?

Think about where you want your business to be in six months.

Because the way I see it, you have two options.

OPTION 1: You keep doing what you’re doing. And that’s totally fine. 

But six months from now, you’ll probably just be six months older. And your business? Honestly, probably where it is right now.

That’s because if you don’t do anything new, then nothing new will happen.

Or there’s OPTION 2:

push button emailing

You let my team and I CREATE 6 months’ of nurture emails for you.

Once you get them, all you do is “set ’em and forget ’em.”

Your nurture emails will drip out regularly. Consistently. 

And your audience will start bonding with you and looking forward to your emails in their inbox. 

Six months from now you could be making the bigger IMPACT you want to make on the world. 

You may wake up to an inbox full of emails from folks you’ve helped, folks who wrote in to say THANK YOU and how much your nurture emails, your products or your services helped them.

And, you smile.

Knowing that the choice you made TODAY to focus on NURTURING your email list paid off in spades. 🙂 

That would be nice wouldn’t it?

Well, it’s possible.

I’ve been in this game for nearly 30 years now… and I know a thing or two about making nurture emails work for you.

So if you’re ready to take control of your email list…

… build a stronger, deeper relationship with your audience…

… and use email as a powerful lever to generate more sales, new and better clients, and steady cash flow…

Simply click on the button below to get started.

I look forward to working with you! 

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Linda Claire PuigLinda Claire Puig

Linda Claire Puig
Founder, Ready2Go Articles

P.S. Whether you’re a coach, author, speaker, course creator, service provider, or business owner… whether you teach something technical, personal, serious, or fun…

Ready2Go List Love can make a dramatic difference on your bottom line.

Let me and my team create your next 6 months of nurture emails… while you focus on what you do BEST. Then watch as your new emails bring you more clients, more sales, and greater income.

So just click the button below to get started and together, let’s turn your email list into a client-getting, revenue-generating machine!

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